The Common HP printer errors?

HP printer errors

There are HP printer errors which can be easily worked out. They may seem irresolvable however it occurs because of minute faults in the printer. Here are the list of errors and the reasons why they occur for your clarification. Additionally for more tips to solve the printer errors visit

1. The 99-firmware upgrade error

The error occurs because of failure in flash firmware. Besides update the newest flash firmware or alter the flash firmware DIMM.

2. The 89-PostScript ROM failure

Your PS ROM must have been placed imperfectly or have faulty pins. You can try turning the printer off and on to solve the issue. Confirm whether the PS ROM is undamaged. Change the PS ROM if it still does not work.

3. The 81- Defective Network or Formatter Board

If this error appears on screen then your printer has a defective part in it like the memory or a firmware issue. You have to update to the newest firmware to do away with the issue. Take away all the cards and parts and change one by one to see what is the problem. If it cannot be solved the formatter board itself has to be changed.

4. The 79-Critical hardware error

Update to the upgraded error to solve the issue.

5. The 69-Duplexer error

The printer would have an issue in the Duplexer unit. This unit is the one that enables the printer to print on double side. Go to the Duplexer unit and remove any of the obstructions which may be the reason why the error is caused.

6. The 65-Scan buffer error

It happens because of faults in the DC controller. Turn off the printer and the main power for thirty seconds. If the error still appears try replacing DIMMs and the formatter board. If this also does not put an end to the issue change the DIMMs and formatter board.

For more information regarding handling HP printer error visit or else call our HP customer support for assistance.